Monday, December 15, 2008

More Elf Fun

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It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. The pastor
of the church was looking over the lawn when he noticed that the baby
Jesus was missing from among the figures.

He hurried outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon, and in the
wagon was the figure of the little infant Jesus.

So he walked up to the boy and said, "Well, where did you get your
passenger, my fine friend?"

The little boy replied, "I got Him at church."

"And why did you take Him?"

The boy explained, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to the
little Lord Jesus and I told Him if He would bring me a red wagon for Christmas I would give Him a ride around the block in it."


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I want to be thankful.....

The Sunday before Thanksgiving was family day at Revolution. The children sat with us during the service and Darrenn gave a great message on being thankful. The children also got to sing a song for all of us. Enjoy:

I want to be thankful....

Thanksgiving 2008

We spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family this year. Michelle and Tony created a yummy feast. Thank you for hosting a fun day! Here are some pictures of our fun day:

The older kids jammed.

The younger kids made Christmas crafts.

The kids table....that's a lot of boys!

Burning off all those calories with a game of soccer.

Checking out the quads

Disclaimer: I let the boys pick out their own outfits.

I've been allowing Matthew and Justin to pick out their own outfits. They don't have a sense of style; they just like to pick out their favorite shirt and favorite bottom. So, if you see us out and about and they look like this please remember that they picked out what they are wearing. Here are a few examples:

When I look at Matthew I think I'm raising the next Dave Sloan. He loves to wear orange and red.....together. His red shorts were dirty so this was the next best thing.

Family Getaway

Thanks to our friends the Bambricks, we were able to take a wonderful vacation up in Acton. We had a great time hiking, playing miniature golf, goofing off (see the video from a previous post for proof), and just being together. It's just what our family needed. Matthew and Justin had fun climbing trees, jumping around and just being boys. Thank you Rick and Dawn for taking the time to drive up there to sign us in. We feel blessed to call you our friends.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

The boys are at it again

Matthew and Justin decided to make a tent in their room. They have a lot of fun sleeping in it. I just have two problems with it:

1) We no longer have chairs in our dining room
2) We no longer have any extra blankets and it's getting really cold at night