Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holy two pink lines Batman!!

Apparently the cat is already out of the bag. I wish that people would have respected our wishes and not talked about it and you would of heard the news from us. We appreciate the prayers, but it hurts to find out that people were talking about it even though we asked to keep this private for now.

I was thinking of a cute way to make the announcement but this will have to do.

Yes, I am pregnant. We found out about three weeks ago (on Inauguration Day to be exact). I had been in denial about the way I was feeling because we have so much going on. I took the test and the positive sign came up before the test sign did. I went to the doctor the next day and they did an ultrasound and we learned that I was six weeks pregnant. Wow!

Two ultrasounds later (including one of the "big" ones)I was sent to an OB that specializes in high risk pregnancies. My first appointment was on Friday the 13th. Due to a mix up on due dates I was scheduled for another ultrasound. Here is how that conversation went:

ultrasound tech: So, how many ultrasounds have you had?
me: 3
ultrasound tech: When was your last one?
me (getting a little nervous): 2 days ago by my other OB
ultrasound tech: Did he tell you anything?
me (totally freaking out by now): Why?
ultrasound tech: Did they ever say anything about twins?
me: Noooooooo!!
ultrasound tech: Well, you're having twins!

And there on the screen were two little squirmy things with heart beats. It still hasn't sunk in yet. They each have their own sac so we're pretty sure they are fraternal. So, if you see me or Rene and we have that far off gazed look on our faces you'll know why.

I'll admit I am scared. Our due date is also the same due date of our first loss, September 17th. More than likely, I'll deliver early.

So, there you have it. We're excited and scared at the same time. We're putting all our trust and hope in God and we know that no matter what happens we will be OK.