Monday, June 22, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I went in for my 28 week checkup today. My doctor was stuck in surgery so I ended up seeing a nurse practitioner. He measured my belly and I know have the belly of someone who is 38 weeks pregnant. Yikes!! What am I going to look like when I hit 38 weeks?

My regular OB does a quick ultrasound during each visit to check the babies. So he took me into another office and used a nice 3D ultrasound to check the babies.

They look great. Their kidneys are functioning and they seem to measure right on track. Each time we tried to get a close up of their faces, the little boogers would put their arms over their faces so we never got a good look.

It looks like our little girl is taking charge. They have switched positions and she is now closer to presenting (I learned that this means closer to the exit) and is now Baby A and our boy is Baby B. He is head down and she is still breech. Their movements are a lot stronger now and are starting to keep me up at night. And I'm getting huge. I need to prop a pillow under my tummy to hold it up when I go to sleep.

Rene and I have finally come to the realization that we will be bringing two more babies into our family and are starting to get their room ready. We haven't done much but we finally agreed on colors: green and brown. Rene will be painting their room this weekend. Here is a before pic and hopefully soon we'll have an after picture.

I'm so excited!!!

I do not have a green thumb and I will admit that I get jealous when I see friends (Crystal, Angelo, Tony) with beautiful gardens. I try every year to plant some type of fruit or veggie and they usually die pretty quickly.

Not this year!! I discovered the Topsy Turvy and so far I haven't killed it. We are attempting to grow cucumbers and tomatoes. On Sunday we noticed this growing from the cucumber plant:

And our tomato plant is looking pretty good.

Marine Biology Camp

Poor Matthew and Justin; they had to spend their last week of school at the beach learning about marine biology. Their science class, Science 2 U, offers this camp and this year we decided to sign the boys up. They had so much fun and I enjoyed some quiet time relaxing at the beach. Here are some fun pics from their week:

The "textbook" part of the class was held in the parking lot inside the Science 2 U bus.

Collecting sea kelp.

Matthew and Justin showing what they collected.

Back to the lab to examine what they found under a microscope. Matthew found a tiny shrimp.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby update

We hit the 20 week mark this past Wednesday. It was a huge relief to hit that milestone. I can feel the babies move (especially at night). Baby A likes to hang low and Baby B likes my right side. At 19 weeks we got another ultrasound. Baby A was a lot more active this time around but we were able to capture a great shot:

It's hard to see, but Baby A is a boy.

Once again, Baby B was all over the place. The few pictures that I have of her are all blurry. Did you catch that? The techs are 80% sure that she is a girl. They did ask that I come back after the babies are born to let them know if they were right.Thankfully I get another ultrasound on Monday and I'm hoping they will take a quick between the legs.

Here is another picture of them hanging out:
Our future rock star:

Our future rock star/bank robber:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The beach

Lori invited us to the beach on Saturday. The weather was perfect. The boys had a great time playing in the waves and I got a little sun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

El Dorado Nature Center

Last week the boys and I spent the morning taking a small hike at El Dorado. We ended up doing the two mile hike which was probably a little too much for me. It was a lot of fun to take our time and enjoy God's creation.

I'm not sure what they were doing. I said pose and this is what they did.

It wouldn't be an adventure without someone getting hurt. Of course, it was Justin.

Pictures of the boys

Our friend Michelle met us at Seal Beach one evening to shoot some pictures of the boys. It ended up being a cool night but the boys didn't care. They goofed off in the water and me being the "bad" mom that I am, I didn't have any extra dry clothes for them. After they were done we went across the street for some delicious Mexican food. Thank you Michelle for the great pictures!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring part 2

Here is an update on the different things we are growing around here:

Our root vegetables are starting to grow. The plants on the left are radishes and the plants on the right are carrots. We're still waiting for the green onions to grow.

Our caterpillars transformed into chrysalides. They should hatch into painted lady butterflies in a couple days.

Our seeds sprouted.

And I'm still growing. My feet have disappeared somewhere under my large belly.

Long Beach Grand Prix

Our friends Kirk and Tara invited us to join them for the LB Grand Prix Family Night. We went last year and had a lot of fun.

We watched the qualifying races for a bit and than headed over to Pine to watch the BMX bikes. Rene and Kirk came up with the brilliant idea to try and go upstairs to watch the show. We ended up going into the Lotus Cafe and out on to their balcony. It was the perfect spot! They were flying into the air right in front of us. Plus, the food was yummy.

Rene will post some cool video and pics of the yummy food.

Thank you Kirk and Tara for another fun night!

Let's go fly a kite

It was very windy last week! Rene and the boys decided to take advantage of it and go fly their new kites that the Easter Bunny brought them.

Yes, my kids wear socks with their wanna-be Crocs. That's just the way we roll.

Easter 2009