Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby update

We hit the 20 week mark this past Wednesday. It was a huge relief to hit that milestone. I can feel the babies move (especially at night). Baby A likes to hang low and Baby B likes my right side. At 19 weeks we got another ultrasound. Baby A was a lot more active this time around but we were able to capture a great shot:

It's hard to see, but Baby A is a boy.

Once again, Baby B was all over the place. The few pictures that I have of her are all blurry. Did you catch that? The techs are 80% sure that she is a girl. They did ask that I come back after the babies are born to let them know if they were right.Thankfully I get another ultrasound on Monday and I'm hoping they will take a quick between the legs.

Here is another picture of them hanging out:
Our future rock star:

Our future rock star/bank robber: