Friday, November 16, 2007

I wanted to show off their cute pajamas!

What was I thinking?

Before you look at the pictures, let me give you a little background to the day. It had been a crazy week. I was fighting a cold, not feeling well and behind on everything. I needed to go and run some errands. The boys were sent outside so I could gather up all my stuff. When I went to go get them, this is what I found:

Look how dirty Justin is! At first I was mad, but than I realized that they were just being boys. And I did send them out in the backyard to play. I ended up waiting until Rene got home so I could run the errands by myself.

Matthew and Justin with our dog, Angel.

Halloween and Bug A Boo

Bad mom moment:

I only took a few pictures of the boys in their costumes; and most of them are from the back. Between setting up our game booth and chasing after Justin, the night just flew by. I didn't get to see much of Matthew. He was old enough to hang with his friends. Poor Justin couldn't keep up with them so he got to hang out with me. I had fun being with him and watching him play the games. I wish I had a picture of the Thomas Life Group's booth. They had an amazing pirate themed booth. The best part was they sent all the kids on a scavenger hunt to look for pirates. They had a treasure map with pictures of their group dressed up. The kids had to go look for them and get their autograph. Once they found all of them, they returned to the booth to collect their "treasure". Way to guys did an amazing job!
Here are a few moments that I was able to capture.

Justin in the Wizard of Oz tornado trying to catch some prizes. He didn't quite understand the concept of the game and once the wind was gone he just tossed down the prizes he collected. Oh well, at least he had fun. Look at that smile!

Here is Matthew feeling in a bowl of "eyeballs" and looking for treasure. I think this was one of his favorite games.
Here is a picture of our booth. I was so proud of our Life Group and all the hard work they put into it. Thank you Rene, Dennis, Rhonda, Mitchah, Larry, Lisa and Joe! You guys rock!

Oh, and here is the only "posed" picture I got of the boys.

The Skirball Museum

Have you been? This place is neat. The current exhibit is of Noah's Ark and it is amazing! The museum is hands on and very kid friendly. The artists are very creative. My pictures don't do it justice. If you look closely at some of the pictures you will notice that the animals are made with different objects. They are hard to detect at first. The kids had fun trying to figure out what each animal was made of. The third Thursday of the month is free and so is the parking. Go check it out!

Matthew and Justin building the Ark.

Helping to load up the animals.

Climbing to the top to check out the view.

The Lego Store & Build A Bear

On a rainy Saturday morning I took the boys to Downtown Disney to walk around. They love the Lego store. I surprised them with their first trip to Build A Bear. They each made a dog. Matthew named his Jedi and Justin named his Dooby (as in Scooby, Dooby, Doo). I can't wait to take them back and pick out Christmas outfits for them (the dogs, not my boys).

Matthew and Justin are putting the hearts into their puppies.

Fluffing them up!

Packaged and ready to head to their new home where they will be taken care of and loved!

Swinging from a tree.

After Riley's Farm we headed over to our friend's cabin to hang out and avoid the traffic. I was having such a nice time I forgot to take pictures. It is so beautiful up there. I did get some pics of the boys swinging on a tree.

I love this last picture. It captures how much fun they were having!

Riley's Farm

Here are some pictures of our trip out to Riley's Farm. I love this place. We had fun learning about how kids played in colonial times, how candles and butter were made and how they wrote letters. The best part was sampling the yummy caramel apples.

The boys are playing with toys that kids might have played with 100 years ago! They had a lot of fun. I love watching them play and use their imagination.

Learning about manners. I wish I would have taken a picture with their faces and you could see how bored Matthew and Justin were. Behind them were some cows and they really wanted to go see them.

Churning butter....what you don't see is Justin getting butter all over his shirt.

Hmmm, I wonder where I can get one of these?

Oh, and the best part. The yummy caramel apples. Mmmmmmm!

Science 2 U

Here are some pictures of the boys and their science class. I love this class! This is how a imagined a homeschooling class to be. I'm so thankful that we are able to send the boys, it's close to our house, and they love it.

Their teacher is talking about recycling and the environment.

The kids are making their on "compost" bins.

I'm so happy!!!!

The other day I wanted to load the pictures from my camera to our computer but I couldn't find the cable. I think Rene used it last. I was a little mad, but figured I would just run to Target and print out the pictures.

I loaded my memory card into the machine and guess what popped up? All the pictures I thought I had lost!! Yeah!!! Now I have a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Some boys sleep with teddybears. Some sleep with blankets. Justin sleeps with his lightsabers!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm gonna cry....

I was set to upload a ton of pics and update my blog. We have had such a fun few weeks and I really wanted to share the pictures with you. Rene is at his I Will group and the kids are zoning out in front of the TV. I finally had a moment to myself. I started to upload the pictures and I'm not sure what happened, but all my photos are lost!! I'm so sad right now. So here is a brief update of what we have been doing.

The boys have been having a blast in their PE and Science classes. I'm very thankful to have found these classes. The boys are doing well in school. Justin has been a little tougher than I thought. He is having a hard time staying focused. So I've had to break up his day more. He loves history and literature. Matthew is doing great and reading up a storm. In fact yesterday he was able to do most of his schoolwork on his own. Woo hoo!!!

We have also done a few fun field trips. Last Wednesday we headed out to Riley's Farm. We hung out with some new friends and enjoyed yummy caramel apples. After we headed to a friend's cabin and hung out with them for awhile. They have the neatest cabin out in the woods. They have a tire hung on a tree and the kids had a blast swinging on it. It was so beautiful up there.

Today we went to the Skirball Museum in LA. They have this amazing hands on Noah's Ark exhibit. It was nice not having to remind the boys to not touch anything. If you get a chance, you need to go. It's hard to describe in words. Trust me, it's worth the trip. I believe some Thursdays are free. You just need to make an appointment. Matthew loves the story of Noah's Ark. In fact, he said he was going to read the story to Justin tonight when it's time for them to go to bed.

Speaking of bed, time to get the boys ready. I'm off to drown my sorrows with a Diet Dr. Pepper!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our family fun day!

After church today we decided to head out to Tom's Farm. It's been a very long time since we had been there. The boys had fun riding the ponies, train, and the tractor ride.

The boys' favorite part was the shooting gallery.

My angels:

PE at Biola

Biola has a fun PE program for homeschooling families. It is taught by Biola students who are learning how to teach PE. How cool is that? The teachers begin and end the class with prayer. The boys had fun and are looking forward to next week. Here are a few pics from the day:

All the kids are under the parachute praying. Awesome!

The new Lego catalog arrived....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Children's Festival

Yesterday I took the boys to South Coast Plaza to check out the Children's Festival. It was fun! The boys made silk screen totebags with the Paul Frank designers. They also got to meet the monkey. Here is where the dork in me comes out. The boys asked me what the monkey's name was and I just assumed it was Paul Frank. Beth informed me today that his name is actually Julius. Oops!! So, here is a picture of the boys with "Julius".