Monday, June 22, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I went in for my 28 week checkup today. My doctor was stuck in surgery so I ended up seeing a nurse practitioner. He measured my belly and I know have the belly of someone who is 38 weeks pregnant. Yikes!! What am I going to look like when I hit 38 weeks?

My regular OB does a quick ultrasound during each visit to check the babies. So he took me into another office and used a nice 3D ultrasound to check the babies.

They look great. Their kidneys are functioning and they seem to measure right on track. Each time we tried to get a close up of their faces, the little boogers would put their arms over their faces so we never got a good look.

It looks like our little girl is taking charge. They have switched positions and she is now closer to presenting (I learned that this means closer to the exit) and is now Baby A and our boy is Baby B. He is head down and she is still breech. Their movements are a lot stronger now and are starting to keep me up at night. And I'm getting huge. I need to prop a pillow under my tummy to hold it up when I go to sleep.

Rene and I have finally come to the realization that we will be bringing two more babies into our family and are starting to get their room ready. We haven't done much but we finally agreed on colors: green and brown. Rene will be painting their room this weekend. Here is a before pic and hopefully soon we'll have an after picture.

I'm so excited!!!

I do not have a green thumb and I will admit that I get jealous when I see friends (Crystal, Angelo, Tony) with beautiful gardens. I try every year to plant some type of fruit or veggie and they usually die pretty quickly.

Not this year!! I discovered the Topsy Turvy and so far I haven't killed it. We are attempting to grow cucumbers and tomatoes. On Sunday we noticed this growing from the cucumber plant:

And our tomato plant is looking pretty good.

Marine Biology Camp

Poor Matthew and Justin; they had to spend their last week of school at the beach learning about marine biology. Their science class, Science 2 U, offers this camp and this year we decided to sign the boys up. They had so much fun and I enjoyed some quiet time relaxing at the beach. Here are some fun pics from their week:

The "textbook" part of the class was held in the parking lot inside the Science 2 U bus.

Collecting sea kelp.

Matthew and Justin showing what they collected.

Back to the lab to examine what they found under a microscope. Matthew found a tiny shrimp.