Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm gonna cry....

I was set to upload a ton of pics and update my blog. We have had such a fun few weeks and I really wanted to share the pictures with you. Rene is at his I Will group and the kids are zoning out in front of the TV. I finally had a moment to myself. I started to upload the pictures and I'm not sure what happened, but all my photos are lost!! I'm so sad right now. So here is a brief update of what we have been doing.

The boys have been having a blast in their PE and Science classes. I'm very thankful to have found these classes. The boys are doing well in school. Justin has been a little tougher than I thought. He is having a hard time staying focused. So I've had to break up his day more. He loves history and literature. Matthew is doing great and reading up a storm. In fact yesterday he was able to do most of his schoolwork on his own. Woo hoo!!!

We have also done a few fun field trips. Last Wednesday we headed out to Riley's Farm. We hung out with some new friends and enjoyed yummy caramel apples. After we headed to a friend's cabin and hung out with them for awhile. They have the neatest cabin out in the woods. They have a tire hung on a tree and the kids had a blast swinging on it. It was so beautiful up there.

Today we went to the Skirball Museum in LA. They have this amazing hands on Noah's Ark exhibit. It was nice not having to remind the boys to not touch anything. If you get a chance, you need to go. It's hard to describe in words. Trust me, it's worth the trip. I believe some Thursdays are free. You just need to make an appointment. Matthew loves the story of Noah's Ark. In fact, he said he was going to read the story to Justin tonight when it's time for them to go to bed.

Speaking of bed, time to get the boys ready. I'm off to drown my sorrows with a Diet Dr. Pepper!


photoqueen said...

I'd be happy to send my housecleaner over, but I think first you need an I.T. guy!

That makes me sad that you lost your images...let me know if I can help!

Auntie Norma said...

JENNY! Sorry to hear about your picture problem. I to have that problem from time to time. Call me I would like to help you try to find it. You probably downloaded to an unknown file.