Wednesday, April 2, 2008

36 things I am thankful for.

Since this is the eve of my 36th birthday I thought I would share the 36 things in my life that I am thankful for.

1. Jesus
2. Rene
3. Matthew and Justin
4. Revolution
5. My mom
6. My sister and her family
7. Liz
8. Monique
9. The Lasch Family
10. The Bambrick Family
11. The Bible
12. My Life Group
13. Our Disney passes
14. Our home
15. Our backyard
16. India
17. India team...all of you!
18. Homeschooling the boys
19. My Bible study group
20. Laura and her amazing faith and grace
21. Dennis and Rhonda
22. Rene's job
23. Being home with the boys
24. The grocery game
25. Food co-ops
26. Our car
27. Summer vacation
28. The internet
29. Free days at the museums
30. Our roof that no longer leaks
31. The Long Beach homeschoolers
32. A large glass of iced tea
33. Being able to cook a meal for my family
34. My Starbucks gift cards
35. My Supper Thyme gift card from Rene and the boys
36. My secret sister who blessed me with some nice gifts....thank you!


Lynnae Hoff said...

Happy Birthday. You are an amazing mother and I wish you a beautiful day. Take time out for yourself, you deserve it. Happy Birthday To You! Look forward to seeing you soon and going to D-land or the beach this summer!

Rick Bambrick said...

Happy, happy, burf-day!
Dawn & I are so blessed to have gotten to know you and your family. You are an amazing woman and deserve an amazing birthday!

May Jesus continue to bless you with you many, many more years!

Happy Birthday!

MLasch said...

I feel SO honored to be a part of your list! You have made my day! And my tomorrow too since today is almost over. Thanks!!!

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Jenny, I hope your day is as beautiful as you!!

~Sharon~ said...

Happy Birthday Jenny. I hope to get to know you more and have our friendship grow.

Lela said...

Happy birthday!

Maybe next year, "The Lytles" can be #37. hehe. :o) We love you! April babies are the best!

MLasch said...

Oh yeah... in all the excitement of making your list, I forgot to say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!! I really hope you had a wonderful day.