Friday, November 16, 2007

What was I thinking?

Before you look at the pictures, let me give you a little background to the day. It had been a crazy week. I was fighting a cold, not feeling well and behind on everything. I needed to go and run some errands. The boys were sent outside so I could gather up all my stuff. When I went to go get them, this is what I found:

Look how dirty Justin is! At first I was mad, but than I realized that they were just being boys. And I did send them out in the backyard to play. I ended up waiting until Rene got home so I could run the errands by myself.

Matthew and Justin with our dog, Angel.

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Auntie Norma said...

Jenny your beautiful pictures made me cry because I really miss my boys being that age and doing the same thing to our back yard and just being boys. Enjoy and cherish every moment of their sweet little lives because before you know it you only wish for those days when they were always getting into things and keeping you busy all day long... Thank You Thank You, and Thank You again for capturing those precious moments for all to see.