Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An update on my mom.

Thank you for your prayers. I felt so much peace throughout the day and it was beautiful.

Yesterday morning they were not sure if she would be able to have her surgery. My mom has a blood clotting disorder and her blood was testing very thin. Thankfully her doctor gave the go ahead for the surgery.

My mom's surgery was good. The surgeon said it was a very aggressive surgery and had to move "alot" around. He was able to successfully remove the tumor. He removed part of her colon, but not enough to need a colostomy bag (that put a small smile on my mom's face).

Her recovery was long. Her blood pressure was low and they were concerned. Finally, around 8:00 last night they were able to take her out of recovery and into her own room. She is in alot of pain, but so happy that the surgery is over. She will probably be in the hospital for another five days or so. Her doctors are hoping we can bring her home on Mother's Day.

Her surgeon is thinking she will start radiation treatment in about five weeks. She has never had radiation and she's a little nervous. Her surgeon feels that this is the best way for her to conquer this round of cancer.

She loved receiving all your cards and letters. We were reading them together on Sunday and they were beautiful. Thank you!

Please continue to keep my mom in your prayers. Her recovery will be tough and I would love for her to feel God's love and comfort.

Thank you again for all your prayers, love, and support! I know I've said it before, but I am so thankful to have you in my life.

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Lori said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well. She was definitely in my prayers, as well as your whole family. Keep us updated!