Saturday, September 27, 2008

Building R2D2

Thanks to a hot tip from Garhett and Jenny, I took the boys over to the Lego Store in Downtown Disney to help build a life size model of R2D2. First they received instrustions on how to build a brick.

Our finished product.

Next we showed our creation to a brick master who OK'd what we built.

Matthew and Justin took the bricks into the store and over to where the brick masters were builing the model. We got to watch them place the bricks they made onto the model. After they were placed on the model the boys received posters and certificates of completion.

We can't wait to go back and see what the finished R2D2 looks like.

We walked down to Disneyland and California Adventure to take a sneak peek at the Halloween decorations (our passes don't allow us to go in on Saturdays). I think I am just as excited as the boys are to go this week.

Justin wanted to eat the candy corn!

As we were walking out we were stopped by some cast members and were given the "Year of a Million Dreams" Mouse Ears. Yeah!!

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