Sunday, September 23, 2007

Children's Festival

Yesterday I took the boys to South Coast Plaza to check out the Children's Festival. It was fun! The boys made silk screen totebags with the Paul Frank designers. They also got to meet the monkey. Here is where the dork in me comes out. The boys asked me what the monkey's name was and I just assumed it was Paul Frank. Beth informed me today that his name is actually Julius. Oops!! So, here is a picture of the boys with "Julius".


Jeannie said...

Personally, my feeling is the fact that you didn't know the monkey's name actually makes you LESS of a dork. But then again, I wouldn't have known the monkey's name either. :-)

photoqueen said...

Who's the dork? I think I'm the dork, not because I knew the name...(I just have to read the shirts Drew has) but because I want to make a silk screen Paul Frank totebag!

Cute pictures of the day! and yes I love being a mom of boys. My cousin said when she saw the clip..."how did you get 3 boys to love you?" I never thought of it that way, but it's pretty awesome!