Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Confessions of a homeschool mom...

Today was our first day back to school (well, back to the den where we do our schoolwork). We hit a few bumps, I'm exhausted and the house is a mess. This is my first year schooling two kids so I'm sure we will hit a few snags. We did enjoy the lessons today and it's great to know that Matthew didn't forget too much over the summer.

A few people have asked what our "classroom" looks like. Here is a picture of the boys in our classroom this morning:

The boys are not at the stage where they can do their school work independently so most of my time is spent doing one on one work with them.

OK, here comes the confessional:

What do I do with the one that isn't being schooled? At first I envisioned the other kid reading books, coloring, building with blocks and/or Legos. Yeah right!!! Reality...this is what it looks like in the Uribe home:

While Matthew is doing lessons with me...

...this is what Justin is doing:

And while Justin is with me...

...this is what Matthew is doing:


Auntie Norma said...


I love your Blog! You are so funny. I love your great pictures that go along with your story. Keep up the great work kiddo.

Jeannie said...

Hey, whatever works, right?? Love the blog!! I usually just lurk, but I thought I'd come out of hiding to let you know that I'm reading... ok, back to my lurker hole.

Rick Bambrick said...

Jenny, I can't stop laughing... Welcome to the 2 child homeschooling dilemma.

Now you know from reading my blog I support TV as an educational tool.

I KNOW that Matthew is watching "Schoolhouse rock" or "The Electric Company" or "Zoom" or even "Sesame Street" right!