Tuesday, July 15, 2008

February 16, 2008

This morning started out on a high! Before Dave Sloan left for India a friend of his gave him $1,000 for the trip. Dave decided he would hold onto the money and wait for God to tell him what to do with it. Dave decided to give the money to the pastor who was being threatened by the Hindu in his village. The $1,000 is more than what the family was demanding. The pastor was told to give the money to the family and tell them that this money is a blessing from God, not an answer to their threat. The pastor and his wife were so thankful. We were able to hug and pray for them. Later this week we will go and bless their home. I can't wait!

After breakfast we went to a medical camp. Bridget gave a great message and I was asked to pray over their food. I don't feel comfortable praying in Life Group, and here I am praying over a large group of people.

After the blessing we were asked to pass out the food. They each got a banana and an egg. Keith and I were handing out eggs to one row of people (mostly kids). We were supposed to only hand out one and only to the people in our line. Of course we didn't listen and started to pass out extras. Keith realized we were running low on eggs. We ended up having just enough eggs for our row with nothing left over. I just love moments like that.

We were brought to the doctor's office to look around. We were also able to pray over the sick.

We went into another village and dedicated a water well from the Sloan family. After the well dedication we went back to Suresh's home.

I had a rough afternoon. I haven't been eating and I am starting to feel weak. We were sitting around the table and I just felt my body give out. I went to my room and prayed. Rene came in and tried to get me to come out but I just pushed him away. I just wanted to be alone and pray. I managed to get a little sleep. Valerie and Lisa came in with Rene and prayed over me. Lisa had Rene read Psalms to me. I loved hearing him read to me. Rene took me out to the group to try and explain what I am going through. I am struggling with what God is showing me and I don't know what He wants me to do with it.

God, you have opened my eyes and heart to India. I don't know why I am going through this, but I'm trusting you.

We got our saris tonight and we got to wear them to our last crusade. I'm kind of sad that this will be our last one. When we arrived we were a little disappointed because there were not a lot of people there. Plus we were right in front of a Hindu temple! And they were in worship!

People started to show up and Lyndsay, Bridget, and I went out to greet them. I think the men were a little uncomfortable seeing the girls greeting them. The crusade started with some great worship. Rene, Keith, Larry, and Jon are doing a great job. Jenn and Keith gave their testimonies and Charlie gave a rocking message. The drama was great and Jon ended with a great alter call.

Our group was sitting in front of the crowd in two rows. I was in the back row. During the messages two little girls kept smiling at me. I would smile back and wave to them. It was so sweet. All of a sudden the younger one got up, walked through the first row and came right up to me. We touched hands and smiled. She sat down and a little bit later the other girl came up to me. Right in the middle of the crusade! Thank you for sending those two girls to me. I know you are reminding me of why I am here, to share your love with the beautiful people of India. I will always remember that moment.

After the crusade we went out into the crowd and prayed with the people. When we got on the bus Dave and Larry shared a story with us. They were asked to pray for a man named John who fell from a palm tree and is now paralyzed. Our group was praying for a miracle and I kept hearing the words "someone to love him". I felt a little confused because everyone else was praying for a miracle but I'm feeling the nudge to pray for someone to love him. It took a while, but that's what I prayed for. Why did I pray for something different?

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