Saturday, July 26, 2008

Serve Day 2008

This year for Serve Day we decided to serve the homeless. Cheryl Harrington heard of an organization called Kingdom Causes that serves breakfast every Saturday to the homeless of Bellflower. Every Saturday a group of people gather at a church in Bellflower and cook, serve, and eat with the homeless. I loved the idea of being able to spend time with them and getting to know them. Rene took the day off and joined us.

It was a great day! Cheryl organized everything and even managed to gather a whole bunch of clothes to donate. I loved watching a woman pick out a pair of tennis shoes and smile because they were her size. She sat down and put them on right there.

The homeless in Bellflower (and I'm sure in other cities) have a sense of community. They look out and care for each other. Before they ate they all gathered in a large circle and prayed.

After the prayer they sat down and we began to serve them. Matthew and Justin had fun bringing breakfast to them. Matthew was extra cautious in making sure every person had a meal. After everyone was served we were able to join them. It was nice to just sit and talk. I learned that one man had been on the streets for over four years. A woman has lived on the streets her entire life. Another man just had his car stolen and the car held everything that he owned.

I was able to speak with a couple of people from Kingdom Causes. They have a huge heart for the homeless. Not only do they serve and care for the homeless, but they build relationships with them. I hope that I get the chance to serve with them again.


MLasch said...

What a cool experience for you and your family. I love that you are already instilling a heart of service in your boys.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I left with a adrenaline high just watching how god uses each and everyone of us. You and Rene amaze me to no end. You both are listening to gods quiet whisper and allowing god to use you and your boys to serve others. I know that your parents and god are very proud of your family. "I KNOW HE HAS A BIGGGG PLAN FOR YOU,RENE & YOUR BOYS"
Cheryl Harrington