Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Made alive in Christ

Ephesians 2:1-10

February 15, 2008

We were told to be flexible, and now we are getting our first taste of that. We were supposed to go and bless a pastor's new home but it needs to be postponed. A Hindu painter fell while working on the house and died. His family is threatening the pastor's family that if they don't come up with 27,000 rupees they will bury his body in their front yard! Suresh is working to take care of them.

So, a change of plans.

We went to visit a home that cares for the railroad children. Their stories broke my heart. The children live at the railroad station and either beg or steal from the passengers. When the police pick them up, they take them to the home that Harvest India helps support. Usually the kids are runaways and most come from a bad home. And some are addicted to drugs.

One girl that I sat with and held her hand watched her mom get beat by her dad. Her mom could no longer handle the abuse and set herself on fire. The girl didn't want to go through the same pain so she ran away. Someone from the RR house found her and brought her here (some of the kids that were picked up in the past now go to the railroads and search for the kids). The boy that found her was sitting near by and you could tell that she felt very safe with him.

Other kids had such horrible homes that they went to the station to try and kill themselves. We saw kids (young; around 14 years old) that had lost limbs because they tried to jump in front of the moving train. I can't imagine a child hating life that much that he would be willing to endure the pain of jumping in front of a train. Now they have a safe place.

Some of the kids performed for us. Not to be outdone, Charlie and Christopher busted out some moves. I was very impressed and the kids got a kick out of it. Marc, Jon, and Lyndsay got down on their knees and shared their testimonies with them. We performed some songs, including the ever popular banana song.

We also went to the lowest of the untouchables today. They were so excited to see us. A little girl kept smiling at me and eventually brought me some flowers. We sang more songs and gave them candy and bananas. I just don't understand why someone could call these beautiful people untouchable? I hope they felt your love through us today.

Later that day we did a well dedication. Jim Plante donated the money for the well.

I had a rough evening after dinner. I don't know why you had me withdrawal. I just felt like my body was shutting down and my throat hurt. I know I'm not eating, but I have no appetite. I just wanted to be alone, but I really wanted to go to the crusade. I was really confused. Thank you for bringing Bridget and Lisa in to pray with me. I needed that. I did start to get weak again but you brought Lyndsay in to pray with me. Thank you for bringing them to me. I feel like you don't want me to forget what I see. I know sometimes we lose focus when we are just hanging out, but God, you are not letting me do that. When those moments happen, you shut my body down. I'm just going to trust you and what you have planned for me. I want to have fun with the team, but I feel like you want me to focus on what I have seen.

The crusade tonight rocked (again)! The devil tried to attack but we put our faith in you and you stopped him. Lyndsay and Richie gave their testimonies and Dave and Mike gave a message. I was involved in the drama (playing Christopher's wife and Keith's mom...am I really that old?). Rene did worship....he is so amazing. I love watching him out there playing his guitar. You have blessed me with a wonderful, caring husband.

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