Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing will be impossible with you....

February 14, 2008

Charlie is really sick. Lord, please heal him. This is going to be such an awesome experience and I don't want him to miss anything. He is an important part of the team and I know that You are going to use him in wonderful ways.

Earlier today we went walking in the village by Suresh's home. The kids wanted us to take their pictures and look at them. It was fun! We were able to pray for the people and their homes. I got to bless the milk man's!


What an amazing day! I have been waiting so long for this and it was better than I imagined. Thank you!!!!

The orphanage was so sweet. We got to see their classrooms and beds. Harvest India has room for 100 kids but they have over 350. You made the room for them God!

Next we went to an HIV/AIDS camp and passed out food and medicine. It was nice to be able to hug them and pray with them.

We visited the Bible College and heard the stories from some of the brave students. They heard the call from God and followed. A lot of them left behind their families knowing how much their families would hate them. God, you are doing great things here at Harvest India...I don't want to leave.

We also visited the prostitute home and met some women who were just bought out from their pimps. Some of the girls look so young. They are learning new skills to support themselves.Lyndsay gave an encouraging message to them. We bought some of the purses that they made to give to our friends.

We than went into the main hall with all the orphans. They performed a few dance routines for us! It was fun. We got up and performed some songs for them. I think their favorite song was the banana song. It was fun running into the crowd and doing the song with them.

Later that night we went to our first crusade at an old age home. Larry and Lisa sponsor the building. The drive was crazy!!!!

The night rocked. We performed some songs and did a drama. I gave my testimony. I was scared at first, but I felt your presence and knew I would be OK. Scott gave his testimony and Rene gave an awesome message. We did an alter call and so many people accepted you! We went out and prayed over them. I'm usually shy about praying with people, but not tonight. Wow!

Thank you for this day. I'm on a high right now.

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